Listed here are some of the little services we offer. For more information about other services offered, please feel free to contact us any time of the day.

Administration & Management

Even if we didn’t help you develop your website, we can still help you look over it, watch it, and maintain it unlike others. We offer a range of services to administering your site for you and even managing it until you are ready to take over.
On the other hand if your site was made by us we can help you do this things also.
We ensure that you should be able to update your content or your site without the knowledge of programming, and with that you can sign up for our advance site center to do so.

Graphics Design

Reach out to the world with the wonderful world of graphics. We specialize in a range of graphic design/drafting, and we help your company archive the image its looking for.
All graphic design jobs are made with whatsoever necessary program that is needed, and our graphic team even helps you with plans for design, illustrations, sketches, and related things.
Without the world of graphic design, nothing on the internet will be as interesting and beautiful as it is, and with our hel, we will help you in this journey to the wonderful world of digital graphics.

Data Management & Hosting

Though we are not a hosting company we do however host some client sites and other small mini sites on the internet. With our hosting, your website is safe and monitored 24/7.
Tools needed for managing your website are also at your grasp. Tools like Fantastico for installing popular web scripts, and cPanel for managing and maintaining your website.
Data management is a big thing and we believe in keeping your data secure and available to you whenever and wherever you feel you may need it, and with our data management program, we can help you archive this.

Programming & Applications

We have a crave for developing applications and also programming. Programming and developing applications here includes coding in languages such as:

  1. PHP
  2. Perl
  3. ASP
  4. Java
  5. C/C#/C++
  6. Java
  7. Visual Basic Script (VB Script)

With this we can help you develop: Front-end Applications, User-side Applications, Admin-side Applications, Authoring Applications, and much more.

We do things from custom programming to debugging/testing, and we can also join in with your team of programmers and designers to bring out the best results.
If you think anything can’t be archived, contact us and we will tell you if that is true or not because here, we believe that anything can be accomplished, but it may just take time.

Web Design

As one of the most thing done on the internet now, a web site makes a spot for you and or your company on the internet. With our advance skills and knowledge in web design, we can help you bring out the full potential of your company on the web and also help make sure that that spot is not taken or lost.
Here, we believe that a website is the main image of a company, and with our help, we can help you boost your company’s image at least double what it was before.
Web Design is one of the most important thing that we do here, and we also take thrive in learning new ways to make your site a stand out among others.
As an add-on we even help announce your site to most major search companies on the internet now, and also make sure that your website complies with the W3C Standards (Web Standards) and validates valid.

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