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Its here people!

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Print section was recently update with new Flyers and Banners so please check it out.

Moved old blog over here also.

Don’t tell me nothing is impossible!


So Uniform Server 4.0-Mona was released yesterday, Thank God.  :lol: Everything seems to be going well. We’ve had great reviews…

You can read more about it at the forums: http://forum.uniformserver.com

My whiteboard plan is going ok, bought everything already, waiting on the bluetooth adapter, after that its a go. Plus i got a Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera so i can record it plus every other craziness that i’m surrounded by.

My Vimeo account is about to go nuts! Tell YouTube to move aside, they old now. lol

I’m still waiting on my sensei for the shoot so i can revamp the site, but umm, i guess i will have to continue while waiting. Due to school, i’ve really not had time for much, but yep,


Ok, this holiday has been a little busy for me. I’ve been working on Uniform Server 4.0-Mona and Flyaway World‘s Official website… The site is almost done and so is 4.0-Mona… just polishing some things before school starts next week :)

I’m now using Photoshop CS4 more than before… wow, i havent opened CS3 in a while… Its so much faster and better, and tabs… too much features.

About yesterday, i stumbled across a project using the Wiimote on StubleUpon, and upon doing a little more research, this caught my ears, eyes, and attention: ;)

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Anyways, i plan on setting that up on my LG 37″ LCD thats hanging on the wall. When am done, i’ll try and post pictures. The main project website is here.

Next semester is about to start! OMG, i have 18 credits, Physics II + Lab, Calculus III, Mathlab, Engineering Graphics & Design, and Statics. I need your prayers, no, seriously. :lol:

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