So Uniform Server 4.0-Mona was released yesterday, Thank God.  :lol: Everything seems to be going well. We’ve had great reviews…

You can read more about it at the forums:

My whiteboard plan is going ok, bought everything already, waiting on the bluetooth adapter, after that its a go. Plus i got a Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera so i can record it plus every other craziness that i’m surrounded by.

My Vimeo account is about to go nuts! Tell YouTube to move aside, they old now. lol

I’m still waiting on my sensei for the shoot so i can revamp the site, but umm, i guess i will have to continue while waiting. Due to school, i’ve really not had time for much, but yep,


4 Responses to “Uniform Server 4.0-Mona et al”

  1. Bonjour :)
    I’ll leave the glitch I am having with “Mona” for the forum :) But 3.5 is fantastic!

    Just wanted to say thank you for a very welcome, fully workable WAMP server. I have tried them all, JSAS, WAMPServer, Ravenswood, XAMPP but none let all my Joomla “goodies” function locally, except yours :)

    Just a brief aside, in relation to your DJ/music endeavors, I ran across one of my all-time faves the other night on YouTube (YT). Brought back so many memories (yeah, OK, so I am an “official old fart”! LOL! But if you have the time, and the inclination, perhaps check it out, and see if you agree with the comment I left there …

    “Utterly fantastic! You will notice though, unlike almost all contemporary “artists”, there is no bling-bling, no sunglasses, no “‘tude’, no FX, no “nearly naked girls” … this is pure, unadulterated, red-plaid-shirt, raw talent! This particular clip highlights, as the great Les Paul eludes to in his segment in “Before the Music Dies”, what is so sorely absent in today’s “music” … heart!

    Go to YT and punch in “It Came Out of the Sky” and check out the Beacon Theater New York clip :)

    In parting, I was in ATL for Christmas of 2004 and had a great time there! Piedmont Park, Mid Town, and not to mention the great “scenery” at the Starbucks at Lennox Square! ;)


  2. Hey Lyle, yep, Atlanta is known for the night life, bars and clubs plus non stop entertainment around downtown. I do agree with you up to an extent about the music being made now-a-days.

    Ofcourse i cant point a blaming finger since i know its all about the money for them, plus fame for some. I heard you track, nice You should also check my next post with the Kid Cudi video. That’s my top song for new year 09.

  3. orca75:

    congratulation on the newest release,
    i’ve been using Uniform Server since 2.6 version and using heavily on 3.3 ant not update to other version because i’ve made my own modification on the control panel and the distrbution so i can switch to php4 to php5 and mysql4 to mysql5 quickly…

    but i ‘m looking forward to see this new version.
    thank you so much and congratulations

  4. are u plannig to add rails 3 support

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